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Golden Pheasant Bird : An Amazing And ‘exotic’ Pet to have

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Golden pheasant bird is one of the most interesting birds I have ever seen. For me, this bird has indeed become part of my life’s journey as a breeder in the world of animal husbandry.

I have received many questions from customers about the best bird species to keep at home. For me, golden pheasant bird are the best choice and they are my all time favorite livestock birds.

golden pheasant
the golden pheasant bird

If you think that having a golden pheasant bird might be right for you, I think you should do it now !! I always encourage anyone who can do it. But it must be full of commitment and full affection.

The fact that the golden pheasant bird is dubbed the most beautiful bird is common. What caused it ? Because besides being unique, their habits are fun to look at.

The Origin of the Golden Pheasant Bird

a pair of golden pheasant birds

Golden pheasant bird or chinese pheasants comes from mainland China, precisely in the Tibetan plateau. Currently, this bird can also be found in US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

It is estimated, around the 1880s, this bird was brought to Europe and America by traders from China.
In its development, they attract a lot of interest in the nations of Europe and US.

Initially, they were used as game birds. Gradually, the beauty of this bird makes people want to develop it. Eventually, golden pheasant bird began to be raised to increase the population.


The size of the Golden Pheasant Bird reaches 105 cm for males. While females have a length of about 60-80 cm. They used to live in open nature, especially in the mountains. However, it does not require a wide cage when in captivity.

The male has a characteristic yellow symbol on the tip of his head. While from the face to the neck is brown. The chest is bright red and spreads to the thighs. The distinguishing characteristic of females is the brown spots on their fur.

Mating season

Golden pheasant bird are kept in a trio at all times (one animal flies a chicken and two hens). In fact, even four or five chickens can be raised with one chicken, but be careful because they can end up with chickens that are consistently chosen by male chickens or various hens.

Chickens can horrify each other and some individuals will blend in much more easily than others. The biggest is getting ready. It’s a smart idea to have additional aviaries if possible because it’s not strange that two or three birds need to isolate them and it can save a lot of trouble as time goes by.

Readiness with Shining Birds is generally very satisfying and we consistently have a social event of three or four chickens with one male with a productivity of 98-100%. Strange, useless eggs are usually only a pair at the beginning or end of a grip and just happen to happen.

The Brilliant hen will lay a hold of eggs switching from 6 up to around 12 eggs and agonizing is routinely 22 days. The replicating season starts close to the completion of Spring or the beginning of April and if the eggs are expelled for raising under a broody hen or for counterfeit bring forth the hen will continue lying up to around 36 eggs (a portion of the time significantly more).

A Reasons Why keeping a Golden Pheasant Bird Is Enjoyable

Why keeping a Golden Pheasant Bird Is Enjoyable
Why keeping a Golden Pheasant Bird Is Enjoyable
  • Maintaining a Golden pheasant bird at home can reduce stress.
  • Entertainment in front of the eye at any time.
  • If you want, these nutritious eggs can be consumed. But, unfortunately the problem is the price is expensive ..
  • Not a lot of poop, unlike other types of chickens. So, you do not have to always clean the cage often. Once every 2-3 days is enough but still, it would be better if every day.
  • The feed is also not too much so that the cost of feed is more affordable.
  • If you successfully hatch the eggs and produce lots of chicks, you will instantly make a very lucrative side money.
  • Every year, males will molting / change fur. Naturally, the tail feathers will come off and we can use these tail feathers. For accessories you can or want to sell too.
  • If the placement of the cage is placed at home, it will add to the beauty of your home decor.
  • According to health experts, one of the advantages of having a pet is heart health.
  • By raising the golden pheasant bird, it will add new friends for you. Nowadays there are many pheasant chicken lovers communities, you can join them or just me. And someday you will get the best friends from this golden pheasant lovers community.

Unique Facts About Golden Pheasant

There are some unique facts that we have summarized about this lovely bird, here are some facts:

The nickname “Golden Pheasant” was first introduced by carl linnaeus in 1758.

He is a swedish doctor. In addition, he is a botanist, zoologist, who formalized the binomial nomenclature, the modern system of naming organisms. He is known as the “father of modern taxonomy”.

They can easily and quickly feel the threat of danger.

Like the type of ringnecked pheasant, this bird is its king in the smell of danger. For example, there will be natural hazards such as earthquakes. Or the danger from the threat of predatory animals, then they will feel the symptoms early.

So, if you maintain it, this chicken can also function as a “danger alarm”.

Lay eggs only one season in a year.

An adult couple starts to mate and lay eggs at the age of 11 months and above. In tropical regions like Indonesia, they usually mate and lay eggs only in the rainy season. The number of eggs varies depending on how to maintain it.

On our farm, per 1 female parent in an average season can produce 25 to 40 eggs. The percentage of eggs hatch 75%.

Chinese Tradition

In China people consider pheasant chicken as a sign of good luck, good fortune and prosperity.

Flying Skills

Golden Pheasant are not known for their flying skills. They are primarily terrestrial birds, spending most of their time on the forest floor of Asia, though they are capable of short, fast bursts of flight.

Field zoologists have notice that golden pheasant bird are susceptible to bleaching if they are exposed to sun for long periods of time. The shadowed forests they live in protect their vibrant colors

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